Game Rules

ZTag badge interactions

Green Heartbeat: Human
Yellow Heartbeat: Sick Human (will turn into zombie eventually unless healed)
Solid Red: Active Zombie (will infect humans within 3ft)
Red Blip: Stunned Zombie (temporarily unable to infect humans)
White Heartbeat: Doctor (will heal sick player within 3ft)
White Blip: Stunned Doctor (temporarily unable to heal)
Blue Blip: Game Paused (player must find nearest ZStation to resume game)

Free Play Mode:

When you purchase a retail ZTag badge the role select button can be used to cycle between human, zombie, or doctor.

Ground Rules:

  • ZTag badge must be worn visibly over player’s heart as a virtual health indicator. Covering badges is not allowed.
  • ZTag is a non-contact sport. Care must be taken so players do not collide with each other or their surroundings.

Free Play Mode Game Formats:

2-Player Game: Simple Game of Tag

  • One player starts as human, the other player starts as zombie.
  • Human gets a head start, zombie chases human until human has been infected.

4-Player Game: Protect the Human

  • Two players start as zombies, 1 player starts as human, 1 player starts as doctor
  • Doctor and human start at point A, zombies start at point B.
  • Human must be escorted by doctor to point C without being infected by zombies.
  • When doctor and zombie come face to face, there is a 50/50 chance that either one will become stunned and temporarily lose their ability.
  • Zombies win if human becomes zombie before reaching point C.

6 or More Player Game: Last Man Standing

  • Two players starts as zombie, all other players start as humans.
  • Zombies try to infect all humans by surrounding them.
  • Last human to survive wins the game.

8 vs 8: ZTag League Match: (team signifier such as jerseys or flags are recommended)
[jersey icons, 1 striped, 1 solid]

  • Each team starts with 1 zombie player and all other human players.
  • Objective is to infect all of the opposing team.
  • Note that zombies can infect own teammate; this may be desirable in order to create a horde of zombies, which will be more effective in infecting opposing team.
  • Team with last human standing scores 1 point.
  • This game can be played with multiple teams as well, team sizes can also be greater than 8.

Mission Mode Game Formats:

Only official ZTag arenas can host Mission Mode games. Sign up here to be notified when there’s a local game being hosted.

Maze survival:

  • Each player starts as human and walks through maze.
  • Maze can be constructed as a single linear path or have multiple paths.
  • Zombie actors are hidden throughout the maze and may attempt to infect player.
  • Health kits are hidden throughout maze and will help player survive.
  • Final checkpoint is located at the maze exit.
  • Player tries to reach final checkpoint before time runs out (badge will turn white).
  • White badge wins, red badge loses.

Scavenger hunt:

  • Each player starts as human and navigates the course looking for hidden checkpoints.
  • Checkpoints are considered “ingredients to the antidote”, player must find all ingredients without becoming a zombie in order to gain immunity and become a doctor.
  • If player becomes a doctor, he can escort other human players to complete their mission and attempt to defend them against zombies.
  • When a doctor faces a zombie, either one of them has a 50/50 chance of becoming stunned and will temporarily lose their ability.
  • Game ends when all players are either zombies or doctors.

ZStation Color Code:

White: Game Starter
Rainbow: Checkpoint (will heal player only once, player must find all available checkpoints)
Green: Health kit (will heal player many times)
Red: Hazard (will infect human player when nearby)
Blue: Pause Game (this will act as a safety zone where all player functions are disabled)
Magenta: Resume Game


ZTag is a very simple game: ZTag badges will transmit “infection” signals within 3 ft face to face.


Zombies (red badge) try to spread the disease by chasing humans.


Humans (green badge) try to avoid zombies while finding checkpoints.




Survival with doctor is like survival but with a player who is able to hear sick human.