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We've combined

video game tech

with the world's most popular childhood activity:


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Flexible & Portable System

ZTAG works anywhere, anytime: indoors, outdoors, day or night.


ZTAG uses wearable proximity sensors instead of guns.

Players tag by getting within range to another player.

Four Games Included

Our games encourage cooperation, communication, and teamwork.

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Zombie Survival

Can humans survive the zombie apocalypse by finding all the ingredients to the antidote?

Ztag League UI-07 copy.png

Keep Away

Reverse tag: be "it" for as long as possible without getting tagged.

Ztag League UI-05 copy.png

ZTAG League

This is real-world Rocket League. Pass the ball to your team mate and score!

Ztag League UI-06 copy.png

King of the Hill

Can your team capture all of the bases before the timer runs out?


Command Center

The ZTAG Unified Entertainment System is your mission control and storage unit for 24 Ztaggers. Easily select games, assign players, and change settings with the 13" touch display

      Technical Specs

  • Water-resistant, carry-on hard case

  • Storage and charging for 24 Ztaggers

  • Wireless coverage up to football field range

  • Integrated leader board with HDMI output

  • Over-the-air updates for new games


Wearable Active Gaming Device

Gunless wearable tagger allows players to actively run and interact with each other by proximity

       Technical Specs

  • USB-C rechargeable

  • Up to 4 hours continuous play

  • Armband or chest mounted

  • Color display, speaker, LED lights


       Technical Specs

  • USB-C rechargeable

  • Up to 8 hours continuous use

  • Proximity or shake activated

  • Drop-proof hard case, Color display, LED lights

Multipurpose Environment Device

The device can be configured as goals, boosts, health kits, checkpoints, and more!