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Gunless Laser Tag

Touchless Tag using Proximity Sensing Technology

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What is ZTAG?

ZTAG is close proximity tag. Players touchlessly tag each other by getting within a few feet, face to face.

Why Gunless?

  • Reach a wider audience with a gunless and safe activity. ZTAG is well received by both genders and a wide age range.

  • Close up interaction means ZTAG arenas take up 33% less space than laser tag!

  • Only a fraction of the cost of laser tag equipment, while charging the same per play means much greater ROI!

Great for:


Family Reunions

Birthday Parties

Local Parks


Team Building

Community Events


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How it Works

No guns or vests, just a wearable tagger.

Players tag each other just by getting close!




Reach a wider market with a gunless game.


3X more affordable than laser tag.


33% less space than laser tag.



ZTAG pulls players off their screens and into real-world action.


Our Mission

In a digital world, we're getting Gen Z off their screens and onto the playground!

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ZTAG is compact, simple, and affordable while creating a fully interActive and exciting experience for your guests.


Wearable Active Gaming Device


Multipurpose Environment Device


Command Center


ZTAG Operating System

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ZTAG gives adaptability for playing in spaces big and small. Players can be indoors on a rainy day or enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

The minimum space required is only 2,000 sq ft.

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