Laser Tag without Guns

ZTAG is an active, interactive, and inclusive participatory game.

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The ZTAG Command Center is a business-in-a-box that allows you to bring the most exciting 24 player game anywhere (even on the plane!).

The ZTAG Command Center includes 24 zTag Pro units with live-leaderboard capability all conveniently stored in a travel hard case that is also a charging station. The command center allows a mobile gaming operator to easily host a ZTAG game for up to 24 players. A full-color touchscreen allows easy assignment and management of player names, teams, and roles with a live leaderboard readout. HDMI output from the command center can be routed to a big-screen TV or projector for players and spectators to monitor the action.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of players: 24

  • Number of teams: up to 4

  • Charging time: approx 1 hour

  • Playing time: approx 4 hours

  • Tagging Proximity: 3 feet (tunable)

  • Wireless coverage: approximate size of a football field

  • Voltage input to command center: 100-240VAC

  • Video output: HDMI (for TV or projector)

Frequently Asked Questions


How do you play laser tag without using guns?

Instead of aiming and shooting guns, players wear smart armbands (zTag Pro) and simply need to get within 3 feet proximity (face to face) to another player in order to tag them. ZTAG is a non-contact game.


How is ZTAG different from (or better than) laser tag? 

  1. ZTAG doesn’t use guns so we cater to a wider demographic, the game is gender-neutral and inclusive (this is a perfect school activity that promotes health & wellness without using a weapon or projectile). 

  2. The tagging works at close range (3 feet, face-to-face, instead of shooting at a distance), ZTAG requires only about a quarter of the space compared to laser tag for the same number of players. 

  3. Because tagging happens face-to-face at 3 feet, every player knows exactly who tagged them instead of becoming frustrated when getting shot in the back from a random laser tag gun of a distant player.

  4. The games are quick and full of running and interaction because tagging happens only when players chase each other while gun games have more hiding and waiting, this makes it a very spectator-friendly game!

  5. The different characters we have attracts players of all fitness levels, for example, players who don't like to run too much can play doctors who heal other players.

  6. ZTAG equipment is very affordable compared to laser tag equipment because the gear is lightweight and simple. There are no moving parts and the armbands stay attached to the players. The armbands won't get dropped and players rarely damage the equipment.

How much space do you need to play?

A minimum of 1,500 square feet is needed to play ZTAG. This could be an empty classroom, conference room, yard, park, gym, or anywhere else that's safe to run. We recommend at least 100 square feet per player and no more than 1,000 sqft per player. A larger field isn't necessarily better because players aren't interacting as much. 

When and where can you play ZTAG?

ZTAG can be played both daytime or nighttime although a dimmer environment makes for better visuals because of the flashing lights. ZTAG can be played in any location where it is safe to run around (parks, backyard, grassy field, gyms, community multi-purpose rooms, ballrooms, conference rooms, empty classrooms, cruise ships).

What are the rules of the game?

We have 3 character roles: humans, zombies, and doctors. Humans run away from zombies while collecting checkpoints to upgrade into doctors. As a doctor, they can defend against the zombies. ZTAG is kind of like a real-life version of Pacman: the player normally runs away from the attacker until he or she collects the power-ups and then becomes the attacker himself or herself. More rules can be found on the how-to-play page.


How many people can play ZTAG?

While most games are less than 24 players, we have hosted games as large as 600 players in a 10 story building!

Who is the ideal ZTAG customer?

Birthday parties and special events, clubs, camps, PE, school and after-school programs.

How do you know who tags who (or who’s “it?”)

We use character roles to determine who’s it: zombies, humans, and doctors. Zombies try to tag humans and convert them to zombies while doctors try to save the humans before they are converted.


How many ways can you play ZTAG?

Countless! Just like there are countless variations to the game of tag, laser tag, or paintball (depending mostly on how you set up the course and teams), you can come up with many ways to play ZTAG. Find out more on the how-to-play page.

What’s the target age range for ZTAG?

ZTAG is for players of all ages although we found 8-12-year-olds love the chasing and running aspect while college students love the social nature of the game. We have simple rules for the younger kids while college students really like to get involved with the deeper scoring strategy.

Can you do other themes than zombies?

Yes! We can customize the names of the characters to adapt to different themes. Although, we find the zombie theme to work very well because the theme easily explains the rules and requires less instruction to new players.

Why do you wear the zTag Pro on your arm?

We found this to be the best form factor that allows players to easily run with the equipment as well as easily see the information on the screen by raising their arms. zTag Pro has typically strapped a player's left bicep (we call it a virtual health indicator or VHI for short) for consistency so the wearer and other players can see the VHI information.

Lower Cost 

ZTAG systems are substantially lower cost than a commercial laser tag setup. Laser tag equipment typically starts around $20K for a full set. ZTAG is a fraction of the price.

More Players

ZTAG requires substantially less space to play than laser tag because players tag in close range. We can fit 20 people in a 1,500 sqft conference room.

More Interactive 

Unlike most gun-based games where players are mostly hiding and waiting, ZTAG gets everyone running!

Easier Setup

Games take a matter of minutes to set up and deploy and can be played indoors or outdoors. We've hosted games with less than 10 people to 600 players in a 10 story building!

ZTAG + Drones!

Drone Tag - It's On!

Escape Rooms Re-Invented

Solve puzzles to access ZTAG checkpoints

Massive Multiplayer Real-World Games

Create a real zombie apocalypse event!

Enhance Your Attraction

Adding ZTAG to existing attractions can give it new life

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