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Laser Tag without Guns

ZTAG is inclusive and fun for everyone!

Lower Cost 

ZTAG systems are substantially lower cost than a commercial laser tag setup. Laser tag equipment typically starts around $20K for a full set. ZTAG is a fraction of the price.

More Players

ZTAG requires substantially less place to play than laser tag because players tag in close range. We can fit 20 people in a 1000 sqft conference room.

More Interactive 

Unlike most gun-based games where players are mostly hiding and waiting, ZTAG gets everyone running!

Easier Setup

Games take a matter of minutes to set up and deploy and can be played indoors or outdoors. We've hosted games with less than 10 people to 600 players in a 10 story building!

Minimal Space, Maximum Fun!

1000 sqft of space is all that's needed.

Escape Rooms Re-Invented

Solve puzzles to access ZTAG checkpoints

Massive Multiplayer Real-World Games

Create a real zombie apocalypse event!

Enhance Your Attraction

Adding ZTAG to existing attractions can give it new life

Let ZTAG Make Your Attraction The Next Big Thing!