Laser Tag


Touchless Tag using Proximity Sensing Technology

How it Works

No guns or vests, just a wearable tagger.

Players tag each other just by getting close!




Reach a wider market with a gunless game.


3X more affordable than laser tag.


33% less space than laser tag.



ZTAG pulls players off their screens and into real-world action.


Our Mission

In a digital world, we're getting Gen Z off their screens and onto the playground!


ZTAG is compact, simple, and affordable while creating a fully interActive and exciting experience for your guests.


Wearable Active Gaming Device

Gunless wearable tagger allows players to actively run and interact with each other by proximity.


Multipurpose Environment Device

Zstations can be set up as goals, boosts, health kits, checkpoints, and more! They are activated by proximity or shake.


Command Center

Your mission control and storage unit for 24 Ztaggers. Easily select games, assign players, and change settings with the 13" touch display.

ZTAG is a physical-gaming platform with a continuously growing selection of games for high replay value.

ZTAG Operating System


ZTAG gives adaptability for playing in spaces big and small. Players can be indoors on a rainy day or enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

The minimum space required is only 2,000 sq ft.

Ztag flyer map-09.png

"Kids love it - absolutely love it. Repeat guests always ask to play ZTAG. Good mix of ages... all ages will play simultaneously."
-Kids Quest Northern Quest, Airway Heights, WA

Ztag flyer final-09.png
Ztag flyer final-09.png
Ztag flyer final-09.png