A Simple Game with Limitless Possibilities

ZTAG is played with 3 roles, humans, zombies, and doctors. Zombies reduce human health while doctors add human health. In order to tag someone, a player gets within 3 feet, face-to-face to another player. ZTAG is safe and non-contact. All the wearables work using proximity sensors.

A zombie tagging a human will reduce the human's health.

Another tag from a zombie and the low-health human will convert into a zombie, at which point, this new zombie can also tag other humans.

Doctors can approach low-health humans to save them from becoming zombies.

Doctors and zombies will stun each other and temporarily lose their tagging abilities.

Advanced Gameplay

Once players understand the basics, we can add zStations to the game to turn a game of ZTAG into an adventure. zStations act as mission objectives such as checkpoints, health kits, and hazards. They can also be hidden inside of puzzles which force players to work together in order to unlock it!


ZTAG can be configured for many game types, below are some of our most popular ways to pay.

Last Survivor

Be the last surviving human player on the field.


Save the Baby

Humans win if the last surviving human is in possession of the ball.


Doctor Defense

Doctors try to save humans as waves of zombies enter the field.


Capture the Resources

Each team tries to bring back as many resources to basecamp before time runs out.


Scavenger Hunt Survival

Humans look for ingredients to the antidote before the zombies get them.


5 on 5 ZTAG League

Tournament style game where each time a player becomes a doctor a point is scored for their team.


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