Fun & Active Way to the
4 C's

Critical Thinking

ZTAG requires strategic thinking to play. Each role has a different mission objective that require students to think on their feet, literally!


Imagination & roleplay are an essential part to ZTAG. There are so many ways to play the game that students often come up with their own rules.


Teamwork is key to ZTAG as players work together to achieve mission objectives. Teams working together have more fun and score more points!


Players must communicate effectively in this fast-moving game in order to win.

Meeting Standards

ZTAG meets all of the National Physical Education Standards for K-12.

Standard 1

 The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

ZTAG gets students moving!

At the basic level, ZTAG gamifies running and dodging in a safe and fun way.

Standard 2

The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

ZTAG is a strategic game.

ZTAG is a strategic game with various roles and objectives.  Players will become familiar with a variety of tactics and movements to enhance their gameplay.

Standard 3

The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

ZTAG burns up to 600 calories per hour.

Even a 3-minute game can raise any student's heart rate to a healthy workout level. Playing ZTAG consistently throughout the school year will definitely keep the student physically fit.

Standard 4

The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

ZTAG teaches teamwork.

ZTAG has a variety of team based games that can teach students the value of working together toward a common objective.

Standard 5

The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.

ZTAG can be played as a league sport.

ZTAG played competitively can lead to greate social and physical fitness among the players.

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