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ZTAG Command Center


The ZTAG Command Center is a business-in-a-box that allows you to bring the most exciting 24 player game anywhere (even on the plane!).

The ZTAG Command Center includes 24 zTag Pro units with live-leaderboard capability all conveniently stored in a travel hard case that is also a charging station. The command center allows a mobile gaming operator to easily host a ZTAG game for up to 24 players. A full-color touchscreen allows easy assignment and management of player names, teams, and roles with a live leaderboard readout. HDMI output from the command center can be routed to a big-screen TV or projector for players and spectators to monitor the action.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of players: 24

  • Number of teams: up to 4

  • Charging time: approx 1 hour

  • Playing time: approx 4 hours

  • Tagging Proximity: 3 feet (tunable)

  • Wireless coverage: approximate size of a football field

  • Voltage input to command center: 100-240VAC

  • Video output: HDMI (for TV or projector)

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