ZTAG: Transforming Learning Through Active Play

ZTAG combines technology and physical activity, fostering outdoor play, critical thinking, and teamwork in students.

Why Choose ZTAG for Your School?

Enhance Student

Blending fun and learning captivates students' attention, leading to increased participation and enthusiasm in after-school activities. This heightened engagement can improve attendance and program effectiveness.

Inclusivity and

Incorporating educational content within active play, ZTAG helps reinforce academic concepts uniquely and enjoyably. Directors can expect to see improvements in students' academic performance and retention.


Promoting physical fitness and activity, addressing concerns about sedentary behavior among children. Program directors can take pride in offering an active and healthy alternative to screen time.

Improve Academic

The non-contact nature ensures that all students, regardless of their physical abilities, can participate, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community within the after-school program. This inclusivity can enhance the overall program experience and promote positive student-social interactions.

Proven by Research

Active Learning Games that Work

At ZTAG, our active learning games are backed by rigorous research. Studies show that integrating movement and teamwork into educational activities enhances cognitive development, improves physical health, and fosters social skills. Our games provide a holistic and engaging learning experience.

Active Play Meets
Immersive Learning

Elevate your Out-Of-School Time program with ZTAG; this unique curriculum enhances:

  • Academic Retention
  • Promotes Healthier Lifestyles
  • Fosters a Sense of Positive Community
  • Integration of STEM Education
  • Collaborative Learning Experiences

Learn more about accessibility for in-depth information on how ZTAG supports inclusive education.

Flexible & Portable System for Educators


ZTAGGERS Wearable Gaming Device Section:

ZTAGGERS wearable tech enables:

  • Dynamic, physical learning through motion and proximity sensing
  • Active participation and teamwork encouragement
  • Seamless interaction with educational games for educators and students
Technical Specs

Tactile feedback to engage students with sensory cues for an immersive learning experience.

Color display with LED lights for clear, visual instructions and immediate game feedback.

Fast charging to keep lessons flowing without interruption—full power in just 1 hour.

Long-lasting battery for up to 4 hours to support extended educational activities.

Z.U.E.S Command Center

Z.U.E.S streamlines classroom interactivity, serving as:

  • A comprehensive command center for managing interactive learning
  • Simplifies game selection and player assignments
  • Features a 13′ interactive touch display for ease of use
Technical Specs

Built to withstand the energetic classroom environment with a water-resistant, rugged case.

Facilitates inclusive play with storage and charging capabilities for 24 ZTAGGERS, ensuring every student participates.

Reliable connectivity with football field range coverage supports outdoor and gymnasium learning activities.

HDMI output to display leaderboards, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and visible learning progress.

Hassle-free automatic updates, keeping your curriculum and games current with no extra work.


6 Highly Engaging & Interactive Games

Educational Engagement Through Play

ZTAG pledges inclusivity, with adaptable interfaces and diverse programs for every student’s learning style and ability. Discover the transformative experiences of educators and students alike through our highlighted testimonials.

Explore the impact of inclusive play with ZTAG. Schedule a demo to understand its educational benefits and how it brings joy to all students.

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Our Mission

We’re getting kids out from behind the screens and onto face-to-face active play, collaborative teamwork, and learning.

Hear From Our Community

Don’t just take our word for it; our “Testimonials” section is filled with endorsements from educators, administrators, and students who’ve experienced the ZTAG difference. From improved physical health to enhanced social skills, the stories of transformation are endless.

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Let’s bring active, social, and educational play back into the lives of our students. Contact us today to learn more about ZTAG and start transforming your educational program.

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Keep Away: A reverse tag game where one player holds a virtual ball, and the others try to tag this player to take the ball. The player holding the ball earns points based on how long they can keep away from the others. This game emphasizes evasion and quick movement.

Zombie Survival: A tag-based game where players start as either humans or zombies. The objective for zombies is to ‘tag’ humans and convert them into zombies, while humans aim to avoid being tagged and survive until the end of the game. This game is highly active and requires strategic movement and evasion tactics.

Rock Paper Scissors: A physical version of the classic game, where players ‘tag’ each other based on the rock-paper-scissors hierarchy. The game encourages players to move around and strategize on whom to tag based on their current symbol.

Pattern Match: Players use their ZTAGGERs to ‘tag’ each other by matching colors and shapes displayed on their screens. Points are scored for correct matches, with penalties for mismatches. This game introduces the concept of using the ZTAGGER’s infrared sensor and proximity detection to interact with other players.

Math Match: An educational game where players find and match arithmetic problems with the correct answers displayed on other ZTAGGERs. This game promotes learning and physical activity by encouraging players to move around and seek out matching answers.

Red Light Green Light: A digital adaptation of the classic children’s game, where players earn points by moving when the light on their ZTAGGER is green and stopping when it turns red. Movement is monitored by the ZTAGGER’s motion sensor, and points are updated in real time on the device’s screen.

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