ZTAG is a wearable video game that gets kids off screens and back outside.

ZTAG engages kids by combining tech with social, physical, and learning activities

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Transform Your Environment with a Fun and Easy-to-Use Solution! ZTAG Systems Create Positive Connections, Learning, and Habits.

  • Most companies cost $30,000 to start and take¬†weeks to learn to operate.

  • ZTAG systems are cost-effective and take less than 30 minutes to learn to operate.

ZTAG is perfect for:


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Reach a wider market with a gunless game.
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3X more affordable than laser tag.
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Minimal space required.

We've re-invented tag and other schoolyard games for the 21st century!

Our Mission

We’re getting kids out from behind the screens and onto face-to-face active play, collaborative teamwork, and learning.

All-in-One Solution


24-Player Command Center

The ZTAG Unified Entertainment System is your mission control and storage unit for 24 Ztaggers. Easily select games, assign players, and change settings with the 13″ touch display. Multiple systems are linkable for additional players.

Technical Specs


Wearable Gaming Device

Wearable tagger senses motion and proximity and allows players to easily interact through a variety of game modes.

Technical Specs

4 Highly Engaging & Interactive Games

ZTAG requires minimal space, can be played inside or outside, and is great for ages 6 and up!

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