We are parents who believe in an active childhood.

Co-founders Quan and Stan are both parents, innovators, and leaders. They met while serving on the board of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) together. They both remembered their childhoods filled with lots of running, climbing, and jumping and want that for their kids in this digital world. They created ZTAG to help our digital-native kids be physically and socially active.

Logan's Story

"This game you've created helped him come out of his shell!"

Year ago, I was hosting the earliest version of ZTAG at a comic convention. I remember a boy named Logan, he was about 9 at the time. Logan played our game for 4 days straight, several hours each day and only taking bio-breaks! He was super active and excited to play, he even made a bunch of friends. I was thinking “Woah, I’ve never met a kid this active and engaged in a game I created!”


On the last day of the convention, Logan’s dad came to thank me for hosting the game and told me he was so happy to see his son completely transformed. I was like “What do you mean transformed? Logan seems like a pretty active kid to me.” His dad said “No, Logan wasn’t like this before playing ZTAG, he was really shy because he gets bullied at school and it’s hard for him to make friends. But this game you’ve created helped him come out of his shell!”

I was blown away by the impact we made that day. That was my “Ah-ha moment”. Looking back at my own childhood, I remember it was tough for me to fit in and make friends. I played a lot of video games and found my friends there. And suddenly I realized ZTAG is a physical video game that can help kids make friends and connect with others… and there are many more Logan’s out there! That has become my mission. Our mission.

Quan Gan
Inventer & Co-Founder of ZTAG

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