Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Ztaggers detect motion and proximity to other ztaggers, allowing for a variety of fun, social, and active games for all ages. Imagine playing Pac-Man in real life!

How much space do I need?

This depends on the game. Red Light Green Light and Pattern Match only need a 20ft x 20ft space for a dozen players. For running & tagging games, you may want at least a 30ft x 30ft space. Some people choose to add ZTAG to soft play and trampolines, in which case ZTAG doesn’t use any additional space.

How many people can play at once?

The ZTAG system is designed for up to 24 players at a time. If you want to have more players, you can purchase multiple systems and link them together.

How can add ZTAG to my facility?

Allowing guests to play ZTAG on your existing soft play or laser tag arena is the easiest and cheapest way, no dedicated space needed! You can also section off an open space about 30ft x 30ft to run dedicated games there. You can include ZTAG as part of a premium birthday package.

How much can I charge for ZTAG?

This depends on your local market but generally ZTAG can charge the same rate as an equivalent laser tag offering. Birthday parties can upsell ZTAG for an additional $150. For mobile hosted games, we have charged between $500-1000 (2-3 hours) for our services.

How do I market ZTAG in my area?

The best way is to reach out to schools and provide ZTAG as a service. Schools are hungry for physically and socially active things for the students to do. Approaching schools and after school programs with a gunless laser tag option will open a lot of doors. Reach out to us and we will happily work with you to engage with your local schools.

How do you tag someone?

A ztagger need to be faced screen-to-screen to another ztagger in order to tag it. The proximity needed to tag someone can vary (depending on how quickly the other player moves) but generally within 6ft. When tagged, the player will see, hear, and feel the alert!

How do you know who tags whom?

This depends on the game we play. For zombies survival, the zombies have red ztaggers and they run and tag the humans who have green ztaggers.

How far is the range of the system?

We designed the ZTAG system to cover a football field. Just like typical Wi-Fi, if you are playing indoors with lots of walls, you may experience reduced range.

Do I need internet connection to play?

No, our system is designed to operate without any internet connection. Internet connection is only required for software updates.

How to I prevent losing the ztaggers?

You can remotely flash and vibrate ztaggers to help you locate them in case they are misplaced. The charging dock provides a quick visual to know if any of the 24 ztaggers are missing.

What happens if something breaks?

ZTAG is generally very durable because it is compact and has no moving parts. We offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and also an insurance plan where you pay a nominal fee and we send you new equipment without the need to return the broken gear.

How long has ZTAG been around?

We’ve been around since 2016. We have developed 5 generations of product and play tested over 10,000 players before debuting the current system at IAAPA in 2021.

Who's using ZTAG?

ZTAG serves a wide range of customers including adventure parks, FECs, camps, churches, parks & rec, daycares, cruise ships and more.

What age range is ZTAG for?

ZTAG is great for ages 6 and up.

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