Join the Excitement and Play ZTAG at the City of STEM!

Join the Excitement and Play ZTAG at the City of STEM!

Looking to promote physical activity and STEM learning? Discover ZTAG, an exhilarating fusion of strategy and athleticism that bridges technology with exercise. Exciting news – ZTAG is a featured activity at the City of STEM 2023 event, a celebration of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the Los Angeles Historic Park. This cutting-edge game has won hearts at youth camps, schools, and corporate teams nationwide, thanks to its unique combination of technology and traditional tag. Don’t miss out – join the fun and play ZTAG with us at the City of STEM!

Immersive Gameplay: ZTAG’s Strategy and Teamwork Challenges

ZTAG is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping game that challenges players to form strategies and work together to ‘tag’ their opponents while avoiding being tagged themselves. Each player wears a ZTAG ‘vest’ equipped with sensors and lights that respond to contact from a player’s tagger. The objective is to score points by tagging as many opponents as possible while avoiding getting hit. The game is customizable, with various modes that allow players to go head-to-head, engage in team-on-team play, or engage in cooperative missions that promote communication and problem-solving skills.

At the City of STEM, we will be offering a fun and educational ZTAG experience for players of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’re a youth group leader, a fitness instructor, a corporate team member, or a fun-loving family looking for a unique bonding experience, ZTAG has something to offer. Our trained and experienced ZTAG team will provide all the necessary equipment and instruction to ensure a safe and enjoyable game experience for everyone.

ZTAG: Merging Technology and STEM Learning for Interactive Play

What sets ZTAG apart from other tag games is its integration of technology and STEM concepts. By using the latest sensor and wireless technology, ZTAG transforms a classic childhood game into a high-tech, interactive, and engaging experience. The ZTAG vests and taggers are designed with precision and accuracy, using high-quality materials and software to ensure reliable performance. Players will learn about wireless communications, programming, engineering, and other STEM principles while having a blast.

Besides being a fun and educational game, ZTAG also promotes physical fitness and teamwork. The game involves running, dodging, and jumping – all of which are great exercises for keeping your body healthy and fit. Moreover, ZTAG encourages players to work together, communicate, and strategize. Players develop leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal connections that will serve them well in real life.

ZTAG is a unique and exciting game that combines technology, fitness, and teamwork for an unforgettable experience. By participating in ZTAG at the City of STEM event, you will have the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, learn about STEM concepts, and have a blast doing it. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, camp director or corporate leader, ZTAG is a great activity to incorporate physical activity, team building, and STEM concepts. Join us at the City of STEM and learn why ZTAG has been embraced by so many youth organizations, schools, and businesses across the nation. Can’t wait to see you there!

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